About Us

At Mazrotary we are passionate about Mazda Rotary past, present and future.

Mazrotary is an auctions and classifieds site dedicated exclusively to Mazda Rotary. It is a market place where cars, parts and all Mazda Rotary related items can be bought and sold in a safe environment where accountability and personal feedback ensures positive transactions for both buyers and sellers.

We are an Aussie business that has global reach and will go the extra mile for the users of the site.

With a passion for Mazda Rotary we have personally bought and sold Mazda cars and parts since 1995 through a number of different avenues, from the local paper to the major auction and classified sites.

Through our involvement in the Mazda Rotary scene we have observed dissatisfaction with the existing sale options. Due to the significant fees charged by the major auction and classified sites people have turned to other options, such as social media, to sell their cars and parts. But social media does not provide a secure payment gateway or the convenience of an online sale or auction format. In addition, this kind of forum which is open to public discussion often results in unwanted opinions and discouragement, which can unfairly affect reputation and sales.

Mazrotary has the solution to all these problems, providing:

  • Security and convenience of an auctions and classifieds site including secure payment gateway
  • Fraction of the cost of the major auction and classified sites
  • More protection from the public sledging and criticism of advertising on social media

We are passionate about the Mazda brand. Our desire at Mazrotary is for you to be able to buy and sell successfully. Whether you a business or a private seller, a Mazda enthusiast or a new-comer to the scene, Mazrotary is for you!